Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas

Now days many people was addicted to get photo of their self, family photo, or a landscape photo. Getting photos is one of the passions of every person these days. I know that all of you must see different marvelous pieces portrait photography somewhere in restaurant, office, exhibitions, and hotels or maybe at houses. You can read below the different portrait photography tips and ideas that may help you.

Choosing Right Lens

If you were getting portrait photos, you need choose the lens that has a great impact. The maximum aperture to achieve the sharpest images is either 1.2/1.4 or 1.8.


You need a background if you are getting a photo; this is the vital role to a portrait. As we, all know portrait is all about someone faces. That is why we need some background that did not interfering the subject. Nevertheless, we need to consider the surroundings as background to bring out the personality of the subject.

The Role of a Reflector

In photography reflector bounces existing lights, so that the light re-direct it back to the subject.


When you are getting portrait photo you to need to focus on you models eyes. Because eyes can tell a lot of story, so that as a good photographer: you need to bring out those emotions in their eyes. Because it is not only the smiling, face is a good portrait. Try to focus at the eyes of your model so that you can capture the different expressions.

Make your Model Comfortable

If you are a portrait photographer, you need to bring out the true personality of your subject. So you must make sure that your models feel comfortable while you are taking a photo shoot. As a photographer you need to have bound with your models before the photo shoot. So that when the time of photo shoot comes, they feel comfortable to cooperate with you.