Photography Ideas

Being photographer is difficult. You did everything even your skin look darkened; even you did not eat at the right time. However, you never get tired to work on to get the photos that you want to capture. Do not worry there are some ideas that can help or guide you. Moreover, you can capture the photos that you want in the right angle. There are some ideas below that can help or guide you to take photos as a professional photographer.

Tell story

There is a lot of story that things can tell. If you have friends that loves art or have a workplace of her/him art work. You can capture the workplace; it is up to you if you want, the workplace is completely cleaned or messy. In addition, do not forget that the hand of your friend is included in the photos. So that it completely say the story how the artist work hard for that art.

Find Reflections

If you were get photos of reflections, you can use mirror or water. Then if you get the good reflection shoot it creatively.

Diptych and Triptych

Diptych is a concept of placing two images side by side. By putting two images, add context to each other to tell a complete story. If you are, choosing photos to form a diptych you need to pay attention to light, tones, and the exposure.

While triptych is a concept of placing, three images to tell story too.

Add Emotions in your Photos

If you were, getting photos of your client ask them to add emotions on their pose. Because most of the clients are not professional models and the other is a shy camera type. So that you need to assist them what they need to do. As a photographer, that is our responsibility to direct, educate, and interact with our clients. However, they feel comfortable in front of our lens.